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 2MP HD IP 1080p 40x Zoom visible camera dual light source 5km long distance temperature human car

 Product notes:Thermal Imaging IP Camera
 Features overview:
Main Features Technical Parameters

Main Features:

40x Optical zoom ip thermal imaging camera 

Humanized design, easy installation& maintenance.

Built in 52mm thermal camera lens inside

128 presets (titles can be set); Tour is based on presets, speed & park time of presets can be set.

1 Alarm Input/1 Output.

8 programmable zone with titles,4 pattern( patterned scan),record time no less than 180 seconds.

4 scan, support scan between left and right limit at an appointed speed.(at this time dome camera still support zooming, tilt operation

Built-in OSD menu, enable changing and displaying Dome information and parameter, setting and calling presets, tour, scan, pattern, camera mode, etc.

Park time function, can auto-call presets or start-up tour, pattern, scan and display areas after dome idle for a period of time

Real time function, preset, scan etc action runs based on time sections pre-setting by OSD menu.

Temperature display function, can survey the temperature inside the dome.

Display horizontal and vertical position of the PTZ camera, and the multiples of the lens.

Privacy masking zone, you can set masking frame  when there is a private zone display on screen.

IP66 all-day defend cover, built-in constant temperature device.

Support Multipliable Network protocol: TCP/IP、UDP、 RTSP、RTCP、HTTP、DDNS、FTP、NTP、PPPOE、SMTP etc 

Inner insert Web server, Support IE Explorer video、Parameters、Upgrade、 Manage user permissions.

Built-In ONVIF Protocol, It can computable with others ONVIF Platform or equipments

Built-in TVS4000V lightning-proof, surge-proof and wave-proof.

Optional freezing rain-proof function (additional power consumption 25W).

Working temperature -40℃~+60℃

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